Clay Cross Town Deal Board - Friday, 10th July, 2020 9.00 am

Contact: Damon Stanton  01246 217011

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor M E Thacker MBE JP, Councillor T King, Julie Richards, and Angela Stansfield.



Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made.



Clay Cross Additional Funding - 10 Minutes pdf icon PDF 207 KB


Peter Tooher – Nexus Planning, provided a project update to the Board. The Board noted that an online survey had been launched, and that the Investment Plan needed to be submitted by October.


The strong themes surrounding Clay Cross’ Investment Plan was discussed, as well as what the town centre had to offer, how its appearance could be improved, and the leisure and training facilities on offer to young people.


A number of development areas were discussed which included Market/Bridge Street, the social centre, DACE former primary school, and Bridge Street/Smithy Avenue.


A number of site specific areas were also discussed which included Sharley Park leisure Centre (with innovative energy strategy), and the Infill housing sites (including the land opposite Sharley park). The Clay Cross Depot (a potential shovel ready project) and the former constabulary building.


The Board made reference to other projects and ideas, such as new Leisure Centres, the skills agenda, libraries, rail station, flexible workspaces, the ‘green economy’ and lower carbon emissions, industrial workspaces and higher skilled employment, youth zones and services, the creative arts, and the low carbon demonstrator project


The Clay Cross Town Board also had a wide ranging discussion in regards to the opportunities around local housing and attracting new residents.


Lee Rowley MP stated that in regards to the October deadline, a framework had been developed and it now needed to be taken forward to attract the necessary funding. A number of strategic ways forward were discussed so that Clay Cross could attract investment.


Further reference to the Clay Cross Skills Hub were made, and the importance of upskilling the local area to promote higher skilled and higher paid employment for residents. 




Town Hub Co-ordinator Feedback - 10 Minutes pdf icon PDF 465 KB


It was stated that Jenny Adams was our Town Hub Co-ordinator and was on hand to steer up to the relevant support for the TIP development.


Ayrup were the lead consultants and there were 6 consultants with specialist support that they could provide. A meeting was to be arranged with the Consultation experts Copper.


Flowchart Update - 5 Minutes


The Board received an updated that the project was on track with the flowchart and it was where it should be at this point. The flowchart required an update so that it reflected the submission date of October.



Nexus Presentation - 15 Minutes pdf icon PDF 713 KB

Additional documents:


Peter Alford – Nexus Planning, gave a presentation to the Clay Cross Town Board.


The presentation outlined a number of projects, some interrelated, which would need to be prioritised and realistic. A Long list exercise needed to be undertaken with a compliant approach and outline the questions that needed to be asked.  It was stated that the board needed to consider each project and how it would be taken forward, using expertise and professional judgement.


Karl Apps pulled together a list of the projects. The Board was reminded that we needed to go beyond the funding ask, otherwise it would limit the scope when it should be a long term project. It was stated that the Investment should be laying the foundations for things to be facilitated in the future when other organisations were on board.


Cllr J Kenyon enquired about education in the area and the inclusion of a dedicated sixth form. Andrew King added that this could provide vocational training and be a good starting point for upskilling. The Board had a wide ranging discussion on projects including skills.


Karl Apps advised that some towns were looking at four large projects, and others were looking at maybe 11 smaller projects.  The Board noted that it was crucial to follow the feedback, and that for Clay Cross 6 to 7 projects would be about right.


The Director of Corporate Resources added that it was important to note the transformational element of this, especially if done at the top of the scale, as it was not just about leisure.


Cllr Renwick discussed the use of public estates, and the importance of dialogue with surrounding Councils.


The Board heard that the railway station and the Coney Park development were two projects outside of the Town Centre.  There was a broader strategy around Sharley Park. Site 14 was potentially deliverable early, which was residential. 


It was proposed that Karl Apps and Peter Alford do work on prioritisation on what was discussed.


Cllr Kenyon added that would be helpful to have someone go through the list of projects and point out where they were on the map.


Lee Hickin – No. 14, the opportunity to deliver early was a great idea but needed a design that connected it to Sharley Park and Tesco. It was stated that there often confusion between the locations and how to get there.


Karl Apps agreed to break down the presentation into a list and circulate it at the start of next week. The Board could then narrow down the list by email. Any interconnectivity would be identified.


It was agreed that the necessary information would be circulated at the start of next week and that everyone should feedback comments by Friday next week (Friday 17 July). 


Project Prioritisation and Vision/Objectives - 30 Minutes


The Clay Cross Board heard that the projects were beginning to take shape and being worked through with each working group. The vision for the TIP has been reworked based on the baseline research and the Boards aspiration for Clay Cross.


The Chair asked for comments on the vision from the Board. Lee Rowley MP stated that it was a good starting position, and that the TIP was ambitious with a clear approach.


Andrew King added that it was important the project establishes the heart of the town as part of the rejuvenation.


Other Board members agreed that the TIP had a town centred and long term vision and focused on residents.



Any Other Business


No Other Business was discussed.