Meeting attendance

Friday, 18th September, 2020 9.00 am, Clay Cross Town Deal Board

Venue:   by Conference Call. Access credentials to the meeting will be sent to you separately. The public parts of the meeting will be streamed from the Council’s website.

Contact:    Damon Stanton
01246 217011

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Gary Golden (Worcester Bosch) Chair Present
Councillor Carolyn Renwick Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Nigel Barker Committee Member Present
Councillor Jeremy Kenyon Committee Member Present
Tim Allen (Historic England) Committee Member Absent
Janine Foxhall (Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust) Committee Member Present
Tom Goshawk (D2N2) Committee Member Present
Andy James (Sport England) Committee Member Present
Andrew King (Clay Cross Town Centre Group) Committee Member Present
Councillor Tony King (Derbyshire County Council) Committee Member Absent
Warren Manning (Derby University) Committee Member Present
Graham Marshall (Prosocial Place) Committee Member Absent
Councillor Gerry Morley Committee Member Present
Steve Perez (Global Brands) Committee Member Absent
Julie Richards (Chesterfield College Group) Committee Member Absent
Lee Rowley MP Committee Member Present
Angela Stansfield (Job Centre Plus) Committee Member Apologies
Peter Tooher Committee Member Present
Melanie Phythian Committee Member Present
Alex Dale County Councillor Present
Kazi Hussain Committee Member Absent
Liam Rooney Committee Member Absent
Lee Hickin Officer In attendance
Gill Callingham Officer In attendance
Karl Apps Officer In attendance
Bryan Harrison Officer In attendance
Damon Stanton Officer In attendance
Joe Bradley Officer In attendance
Niall Clark Officer In attendance
Richard Morcombe Public Present