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Fly Tipping - Update

03/03/2022 - Review of Fly Tipping Enforcement and Environmental Fixed Penalty Notice Fees



(1)            The Cabinet noted the performance of the Environmental Health Service in relation to fly tipping enforcement.


(2)            That the fixed penalty fines be set at the levels specified in the report.


(3)            That the Joint Assistant Director – Environmental Health be authorised to carry out a review on the impact of the changes to the fixed penalty fine levels twelve months after their implementation.


REASONS FOR DECISION - Adjusting the fixed penalty amounts will enable the Council to keep pace with national legislative changes and ensures fixed penalty amounts act as a suitable punishment for the offence, as well as ensuring they are affordable for smaller, less serious offences.


OTHER OPTIONS CONSIDERED AND REJECTED - The options of not increasing the fixed penalties, or increasing them by a greater amount than recommended, were considered but rejected for the reasons specified in the report.


This is a Key Decision.  The call-in period for the decision will run until Monday 14 March 2022