Issue - decisions

Development of a Community Outreach Service

25/11/2022 - Development of a Community Outreach Service



(1)             To develop a Community Outreach Service for residents of North East Derbyshire District Council.


(2)             To create two Community Outreach Worker posts, as 2 year fixed term contracts at Grade 7. Should recruitment be unsuccessful, then one or both posts may be delivered by an external provider via contract. Posts to be fully funded by the Better Care Fund (BCF) allocation.


REASONS FOR DECISION – To provide a response to the national cost of living crisis which is within the remit of Local Authority functions, to make use of available funding to deliver positive outcomes against shared housing and public health priorities, and to complement existing Local Authority services and provide a wider range of interventions, additional to signposting alone.


OTHER OPTIONS CONSIDERED AND REJECTED – Whilst to do nothing is clearly an option, the reason for rejection is that there is an existing service to build upon, with available funding to support a temporary service provision. The establishment of a service with permanent funding has been rejected due to the growth in establishment costs and the revenue implications.


Please note that this is not a Key Decision so can be implemented by Officers with immediate effect.