Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Cabinet is a group of Councillors who work with Council staff to run the Council and take most decision, except those about major policy issues or setting the annual budget (which only the Council Meeting can do) or decisions on whether to give planning permissions or licenses, which only the Planning and Licensing committees can do. 


The Leader of the Council chairs meetings of the Cabinet and is elected for a four year term. The Cabinet is currently made up of seven Councillors who each have responsibility for special areas of the Council. The Cabinet can only make decisions within the scope of the overall Budget and Policy Framework set by the Council Meeting. If the Cabinet wants to make a decision outside the Budget and Policy Framework then it has to get the Council Meeting to agree.


More information about the role of the Cabinet can be found in the Council’s Constitution




Contact information

Support officer: Alan Maher.

Phone: 01246 217391