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North East Derbyshire Local Plan 2014-2034

Report of Councillor C Cupit, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services


The Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services presented a report which allowed Council to consider the Inspector’s final report following her examination of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan (2014-2034). Council was asked to consider the adoption of the Local Plan to form part of the Statutory Development Plan for the District.


Council heard that work commenced on the preparation of the new Local Plan in 2007, and that the Plan was formally submitted to the Secretary of State in 2018.


Councillor C Cupit explained that following the local elections in 2019, the new Administration paused the examination of the draft Local Plan to allow a review of the housing numbers allocated and to review the circumstances around the allocation of sites in the green belt in the draft Plan.


Members noted that following correspondence between the Council and the Inspector between 2019-20, the review was considered and three options were given to the Council (as outlined in the report). After much consideration and extensive legal advice given, the Authority decided it would not be possible to amend the evidence base within the current examination and to do so would lead to the withdrawal of the Plan. Due to the risks and consequences of withdrawal, in February 2020 the Council subsequently un-paused the examination and proceeded to the Main Modifications consultation.


All representations received on the Main Modifications were submitted to the Inspector and her final report was issued to the Council on 19 July 2021 which marked the end of the examination process. This report was published on the Council’s website and made available to view at the Council Offices at Mill Lane.


A number of Councillors spoke against the Plan and argued that the adoption of it would break a promise made to the electorate at the 2019 elections by the current Administration which was to remove all green belt sites from the Plan. It was also not in the best interests of the District.


A number of Ward Members, particularly for Dronfield and Killamarsh, argued that it would damage wildlife, ecology and air quality and that the housing allocations for those areas were unfair.


Some Members spoke in favour of the Plan and stated that whilst it was not perfect, it would end speculative developments in the District and by not adopting it could lead to more applications on the green belt.


Councillors S Clough, K Tait, A Foster, A Platts, M Foster and R Welton wished for it to be minuted that they would be voting against the Plan.


Councillors P Windley, D Hancock and R Shipman requested that a recorded vote be taken.


Councillor C Cupit responded by acknowledging the strong feelings in the chamber, and stated that whilst it was a difficult decision, the Council was left with little choice but to continue with the Main Modifications as amendments to the Plan were not possible. Council heard that by rejecting the Plan, it could lead to further speculative developments.


For: 22

Councillors P Wright, P Wheelhouse, M E Thacker JP MBE, B Strafford-Stephenson, D Ruff, M Roe, C Renwick, A Powell, P Parkin, C Liggett, B Lewis, J Kenyon, A Hutchinson, O Gomez Reaney, J Funnell, P Elliott, A Dale, C Cupit, S Cornwell, A Cooper, W Armitage and P Antcliff.


Against:  16

Councillors B Wright, P Windley, R Welton, K Tait, R Shipman, T Reader, M Potts, A Platts, T Lacey, D Hancock, R Hall, M Foster, A Foster, D Drabble, L Deighton and S Clough.


Abstentions: 7

Councillors K Rouse, S Pickering, P R Kerry, L Hartshorne, J Birkin, J Barry and N Barker.




(1)            Council notes the significant challenges of balancing meeting the District’s housing needs while protecting our environment and countryside.  Council also notes that failure to adopt a Local Plan risks even greater speculative development, including on the Green Belt.


(2)            Council accepts and adopts the North East Derbyshire Local Plan (2014-2034) as modified and found sound by the Government appointed Inspector to form part of the Statutory Development Plan for the District; and that it replaces the previous adopted Local Plan (November 2005) and the saved policies within it.

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