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NED/20/00484/FL - Ashover Hay

Proposed building for tractor, implements and log store (Amended Plans) (Amended Title) at Barn adjacent Walnut Barn. Ashover Hay


(Planning Manager – Development Management)



The Planning Officer presented the report and drew Members attention to the late updates report and comments from the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. The Planning Manager confirmed that a preliminary ecological appraisal had neither been received nor requested from the applicant, as it was the view of Officers that to undertake such a survey for a small scale application would be neither appropriate nor proportionate and that any limited impact on ecology could be mitigated through conditions.


Verbal representations were heard in objection from Councillor Mike Thomas (Ashover Parish Council), Emma King, Andrew King, Martin Howe, Susan Howe, Eileen Bagshaw, Philip Wilson andAlison Sparks. Representations were heard in support of the application from the Applicant’s Agent, Ian Goodwin.


Members had the opportunity to question speakers and officers. The application was discussed in length, including confirmation from the Legal Officer that it is not a requirement for a survey to be undertaken if Officers believe the development would not affect relevant species, and therefore it would not be unlawful not to have a survey. The Planning Manager confirmed that planning policies do not preclude development from taking place but rather, they are taken into account when assessing an application against the relevant policies. He also clarified that the current use of land is for keeping horses, however, any land may be used for agricultural purposes without the granting of planning permission and that the appearance of the land is not a determining factor.


Following the discussion, Councillor Armitage moved a motion to refuse the application contrary to Officer’s recommendations in that the application is considered unacceptable as by reason of the proposed building’s location, scale, and design, and the consequent loss of, and impact on, dry stone walls it would have an adverse impact on the character and visual amenity of the area contrary to policies GS6, BE1, NE1 and NE2 of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan, policies SS9, SDC12, and SDC3 of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan (2014- 2034) Publication Draft, policies AP2, AP11, AP13 and AP16 of the Ashover Neighbourhood Plan and the policies of the National Planning Policy Framework when read as a whole. This was seconded by Councillor Foster.




That the application be REFUSED, contrary to Officer Recommendations, for the reasons detailed above with the final wording delegated to the Planning Manager in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee.


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