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Report of the Licensing Team Leader

v    (a) Report No LTL/01/20-21/KR   -   To Hear Representations made under the Licensing Act 2003 – The Royal Volunteer Public House, 63 Market Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9JQ


The Sub-Committee considered Report No LTL/01/20-21/KR of the Licensing Team Leader.  The purpose of the report was to hear an application for a review of the Premises Licence for The Royal Volunteer Public House, Market Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield.


Members heard that the holder of the Premise Licence and the Designated Premise Supervisor (DPS) was Mr W – Chesterfield, and that Mr W had confirmed he would not be attending the meeting. 


The Sub-Committee decided to proceed in his absence. 


The Licensing and Enforcement Officer presented the report and explained that an application was received from Matthew Finn, Environmental Health Manager for North East Derbyshire District Council acting as a responsible authority for environmental health and licensing, to review the Premises Licence for The Royal Volunteer.  It was stated that the application for a review of the licence related to the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, and the prevention of public nuisance.  The Sub-Committee was presented with a number of instances in which those licensing objectives had not been met. 


The Environmental Health Manager made representations to the Sub-Committee, and presented a wide range of both audio and visual evidence to Members.  This evidence was collated by both NEDDC Licensing Officers and Derbyshire Police, who had visited the premises and surrounding properties.


Derbyshire Police then joined the meeting. Members had a number of questions for the officers in regards to an incident at the Royal Volunteer.


The Sub-Committee further questioned the Environmental Health Manager and Licensing Officers about the evidence that had been presented to them. 


A number of closing statements were made. Members noted that in summary, the Premise Licence Holder and DPS, Mr W, had been in breach of licensing conditions and legal requirements, and had subsequently caused a public nuisance and risked public safety. 


Members of the Sub-Committee, the Solicitor and Clerk remained in the meeting.  The Environmental Health Manager, the Licensing Team Leader, the Licensing and Enforcement Officer, the Licensing and Protection Officer, the Governance Manager and the Senior Governance Officer were all admitted to the meeting room whilst the Sub-Committee made its decision. 


RESOLVED – that the decision of the Licensing and Gambling Acts Sub-Committee (in exercise of its powers delegated by North East Derbyshire District Council as a licensing authority) was to REVOKE the Premises Licence. 


All participants of the Licensing and Gambling Acts Sub-Committee were then readmitted to the meeting and advised of the decision. 


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