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Proposed change of use from shop and house to a nine-bed Home of Multiple Occupation (HMO) (Amended Title) (Amended Plans) at 205-207 Sheffield Road, Killamarsh.


(Planning Manager – Development Management)


Members were reminded that Committee had deferred consideration of this Application, for the change of use from a shop and house to a nine bed Home of Multiple Occupation (HMO), at 205-207 Sheffield Road, Killamarsh, at its meeting on 20 September 2022. Committee agreed the deferral so that additional information on fire safety, the travel requirements of the HMO residents and possible additional parking as a result of the development could be obtained and taken into account in determining the Application.


In this context, the report to Committee explained that the Applicant had now submitted a Travel Plan for the site. The Plan provided information on the number of locations within walking distance, those within cycling distance and those which could be reached by public transport. 


Members were also informed that the Highway Authority had clarified the status of its draft Derbyshire Street Design Guidance, setting out parking standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation. It confirmed that the Guidance was still subject to discussion and had not yet been adopted by the Highways Authority. Consequently, Planning officers did not feel that it could be taken into account when deciding on the Application.


Finally, the report explained how clarification had been sought about the proposed fire safety arrangements for the development. Members learned that the Applicant had now submitted a Fire Safety Plan for the HMO. This provided information about what specific arrangements would be put in place if the Application was approved. In this context, Committee heard that the Fire and Rescue Authority had considered the proposed Fire Safety Arrangements Plan for the site and had recommended that a Domestic Sprinkler System for the site also be installed.


Planning Committee considered the Application. It took into account the relevant Planning Issues. In particular, the Principle of Development and its location on an Unallocated Site within the Settlement Development Limits (SDL) for Killamarsh. It considered National and Local Planning Policy, including Local Plan Policy SS7, which permits development on those sites within Settlement Development Limits that have not been allocated within the Local Plan or a Neighbourhood Plan.


Committee also took into account other relevant planning policies. These included Policy WC4, requiring that proposals for retail and other town centre uses in the District’s Centres contribute to their vitality and viability and Policy ID5, requiring that development proposals which would result in the loss of social infrastructure facilities, such as local shops, not be permitted, unless the service was no longer needed or could be provided in an alternative way.


Members discussed the Application and reflected on all the information which they had now received. Some Members highlighted the scale of the development and the number of people to be accommodated in the HMO. Some Members remained concerned that the proposed facilities would not meet the accommodation needs of its residents. Continuing concern was also expressed by some Members about the proposed emergency safety measures and whether these would be adequate.


Committee discussed the likely travel requirements of the HMO residents. Some Members expressed concern about the proposed Travel Plan. They were concerned that the frequency of bus services on the routes close to the site had been reduced significantly. They suggested that the lack of frequent public transport would make the development unsustainable for its residents. There was concern that they would find it difficult to access services, visit facilities and take up potential employment opportunities.


At the conclusion of the discussion Councillor D Hancock and Councillor W Armitage moved and seconded a motion to reject the Application.


The motion was put the vote and was approved.




That the Application be refused, contrary to officer recommendations.




The Application is considered unacceptable as by reason of a lack of adequate bus and other public transport options being available to the future occupiers of the premises the proposed development is unsustainable and would limit opportunities to access services, facilities and potential employment opportunities contrary to policy SS1 of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan.

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