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Application for the erection of a detached double garage with gym above (Amended Drawings) at Moor Grange, Doehole Lane, Brackenfield.


(Planning Manager – Development Management)



The report to Committee explained that an Application, with amended drawings, had been submitted for the erection of a detached double garage with a gym above, at Moor Grange, Doehole Lane, Brackenfield.


The Application had been called in by Local Ward Councillor, W Armitage, who had raised concerns about it.


Planning Committee was recommended to refuse the Application. The report to Committee explained the reasons for this. Officers contended that the proposed garage and gym would not respect the scale, proportion and overall design character of the existing nineteenth century property. In particular, the construction would not meet the design criteria set by the relevant Local Plan and Ashover Neighbourhood Plan policies. As the construction would be clearly visible, it would harm the character of both the host building and the wider countryside and landscape and, they concluded, would not constitute an acceptable development.


Before the Committee discussed the Application it heard from J Imber, the Agent for the Application and A Eales, who spoke on behalf of the Applicant. No one had registered to speak against the Application.


Committee considered the Application. It took into account the Principle of Development and the site’s location within the Enclosed Moors and Heaths Landscape type of Peak Fringe and Lower Derwent Landscape Character Area. Committee considered the relevant Planning Policies. These included Local Plan Policy LC5, requiring outbuildings ancillary to the main residential use to respect the character of the existing property and not to harm the street scene or land area. Committee also took into account Ashover Neighbourhood Plan Policy AP11, requiring proposals to respect the local character and enhance the local distinctiveness of an area and Local Plan Policy SDC12, requiring that new developments be of a high quality design. 


Members discussed the Application.  They reflected on the design of the proposed garage and its size and the impact it would have on the host nineteenth century stone farm house building and on the wider landscape. As part of the discussion, some Members expressed concern about the steepness of the proposed Pitch roof for the garage and gym and queried whether it would be appropriate in this setting. Other Members felt that the proposal would not have a damaging impact on either the neighbouring building or the landscape.


At the conclusion of the discussion Councillor R Hall and K Rouse moved and seconded a motion to approve officer recommendations and refuse the Application. The motion was put to the vote and was approved.




(1)  That the Application be refused, in line with officer recommendations.




As a consequence of its pitch roof height of nearly 6m, out of proportion design and location separated from the host dwelling, the proposed detached garage does not respect scale, proportion or overall design and character of the host dwelling and therefore fails to meet the requirements of North East Derbyshire Local Plan policies LC5 and SDC12 and Ashover Neighbourhood Plan Design policy AP11.


The proposed building would be clearly visible from Dewey Lane to the south and south east, and due to the harm to the character of the host dwelling outlined above would have a detrimental impact on the character of the local countryside and wider landscape character in the area as such it would fail to meet the requirements of North East Derbyshire Local Plan policies SS9 and SDC3 and Ashover Neighbourhood Plan policies AP2 and AP13.


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